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PB Swiss Tools (PB Baumann Tools)

PB Swiss Tools / PB Baumann Tools

PB Swiss Tools / PB Baumann Tools Since 1878, PB Swiss Tools (PB Baumann Tools) has been the industry’s choice when it comes to durable high quality tooling. With its entire manufacturing process from development to production being carried out in Switzerland, PB Swiss Tools today still remains highly competitive with its excellent price to performance ratio.

All the materials that are used in PB Swiss Tools have been carefully selected and tested for all possible situations and conditions to ensure maximum responsiveness and safety. A special steel alloy based on spring steel is produced especially for the production of PB Swiss Tools. A very high hardness value and a unique durability and springiness characterize the uniqueness of the steel used in the tools.

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Lifetime Warranty

When we say that PB Swiss Tools (PB Baumann Tools) are quality assured, we’re not just saying it, we guarantee it. And that is why every PB Swiss Tool that you purchase is backed up by a Limited Lifetime Warranty.